Errol Bhalai golf lessons in Budapest



I Offer Different Types of Golf Lessons & Training

Private Lessons

If you prefer private lessons, then I can provide the utmost care, fully concentrate on you to attain the fastest development.

This is highly recommended for new golfers just starting to learn the game. I recomend at least the first five be private lessons.


If you prefer group trainig this is more economical per person. I recommend this for families and for friends.

Home Course
  • Monday and Tuesday I teach at the Golftanya on the Hajógyári Sziget in Budapest.

  • The rest of the week I'm the official pro of Pannónia Golf Club in Máriavölgy (Between Etyek and Alcsútdoboz).

Check out the exact addresses/maps at contact.



I can provide training for children from start to potentially professional level. I also offer winter camps abroad.